A Quick and Lazy Keto Breakfast

Lazy Keto Breakfast

Quick Summary

My lazy Keto breakfast is made with eggs, butter, avocado, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and my special ingredient – NutPods. It is prepared and baked the night before and left in the fridge overnight. I typically make enough for five or six servings, which can typically last for the whole week. It makes the perfect Keto breakfast.

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Introducing my Lazy Keto Breakfast

If you lack time in the mornings, consider making a simple lazy keto breakfast. They’re perfect for busy mornings. And they’re easy to prepare as well, which means that you’ll have more time to enjoy your morning. Besides, they’re incredibly convenient!


Carbohydrates Ten Percent
FatsSeventy Percent
ProteinsTwenty Percent

If you don’t have time to spend a lot of money on food and drinks, a lazy keto breakfast is just the thing for you. I have been experimenting with my quick and lazy Keto breakfast. Knowing that eating for Keto requires a precise meal plan, getting something figured out to start my day quickly would be essential.

In my Keto experimental journey, I have found that as you sleep, your ketone levels drop. So a quick keto breakfast is excellent at increasing my ketone levels and helping me get into Ketogenesis as soon as I get up.

Of course, having a pre-made keto breakfast ready to start the morning is fantastic, even if you aren’t lazy! 

Is this Lazy Keto Breakfast Quick to Make? 

Before getting into details on the perfect keto breakfast, its ingredients, and the preparation process, I wanted to provide an overview. 

This lazy keto breakfast will take approximately twenty minutes to prepare, then about 60-90 minutes to bake. I realize everyone’s definition of quick is slightly different, so I wanted to get that out there straight away. But, for me, it really is the perfect keto breakfast when I want some quick and something that I can take on the go. 

If that is too much time to prepare, or maybe you found this page and are hungry right now, this isn’t meant for you. Feel free to come back again when you have more time to make a super lazy Keto breakfast. The good news is that although this takes some time to prepare and make, this recipe makes enough food for five, six, or more breakfasts. Dependant on how much you eat in any one sitting. For me, it’s six. That’s why it is the perfect lazy Keto breakfast for me. 

I typically make this lazy keto breakfast the night before and then cool it overnight in the fridge. It will last at least the work week, often at least one weekend morning for me alone. Obviously less than that if someone else in the household is also eating for Keto. Once prepared, this quick and lazy keto breakfast takes only as long as walking to the refrigerator and grabbing a plate, making it the perfect Keto breakfast.  

On these work-from-home days, it’s great to get up and have a super lazy keto breakfast available before I jump into the shower and then onto my first Zoom meeting

What is in my Favorite Keto Breakfast?

I have modified these ingredients over the last couple of months, but here are my current favorite flavors and textures for the perfect combination. 


The eggs and avocado give the breakfast additional bulk. All of the seeds are full of fiber—the Coconut Creamer is such a yummy taste. The avocado and butter give you some extra fat required for Keto eating. If you are looking for some ideas for fat content, here is a complete list

It all makes for an excellent combination for a lazy keto breakfast. 

seeds for breakfast

Finding the Right Combination for Your Macros

When I first started to come up with this breakfast perfect Keto breakfast, I wasn’t thinking through my macros with the precision needed. 

For example, I started with fourteen eggs. Although eggs offer a significant amount of fat content, they also come loaded with protein, which messes with your macros. Another problem I was having was the lack of fiber. Most people experience a lack of fiber when they first experiment with Keto eating. Although the seeds in this recipe were high in fiber, there weren’t enough of them. Therefore, I needed to add more. If you are looking for more ways to add to your diet, some additional fiber ideas are here. 

As a reminder, the target macros ratios for your Keto meal plan are as follows.

  • Carbohydrates – Ten percent
  • Fats – Seventy percent
  • Proteins – Twenty percent

Ingredients for my Perfect Keto Breakfast

I experimented with the core ingredients and adjusted their quantities for a few weeks. However, it took me a while to be happy with my lazy Keto breakfast. I still want to make some adjustments, but a solid enough start makes for a delicious and lazy Keto breakfast. 

Here is my current list of ingredients and quantities for my lazy Keto breakfast. 


That’s a whopping 3,322 calories in total. That includes 299 grams of fat, 120 grams of protein, and 49 grams of fiber: the good news is only 58 grams of carbs. If you want to change out the fat ingredient, here is a list of fats for your Keto diet

We are getting close to the correct amount for the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Plus a good amount of fiber.  

Remember, once I cook everything together, I divide it into six equal parts. So each total gets divided by 6. So yours will vary depending on how many portions you divide the dish into.  

Preparing your Breakfast

To prepare your lazy Keto breakfast, grab all of the ingredients listed above and go to the store to purchase extra eggs and other elements as needed.

  1. Find yourself a measuring cup along with a tablespoon measure. Then, grab a large mixing bowl and a whisk.
  2. We need to melt the butter. Place the butter into the oven in a heat-safe dish and turn on the stove. Typically I find an oven temperature of 250 for fifteen minutes works.
  3. Crack all eight eggs into the bowl, removing the shells. Once the eggs are in the bowl, whisk them to be really fluffy. I typically do this for at least three minutes. Often longer.
  4. After experimenting with the keto breakfast recipe for a while, I find it’s best to add the pumpkin seeds next. You will want to break open the shells to help digestion for the fiber. For this, I would suggest an old-style Mortar and Pestle bowl. It’s a little traditional, but it works well.
  5. Next up, add the chia seeds and the flaxseeds simultaneously into the bowl. Again stir and then whisk to ensure that the ingredients are nicely mixed—another five minutes.
  6. Once the butter is melted add it to the mixing bowl. Again, whisk together.
  7. Add the Nut Pods coconut creamer. Three cups is a lot of liquid, and I would recommend whisking this for at least ten minutes to merge the initial ingredients fully.


Feel free to add spices as you like. However, I prefer not to and like the taste and think that the original flavor is great for my lazy Keto breakfast.  

keto breakfast

Baking your Keto Breakfast

Here are the final steps for your lazy Keto breakfast.

  1. Once everything is ready, turn on your oven to a temperature of 400 degrees.
  2. Grab an oven-safe food storage container that is large enough for the keto breakfast. We like a food storage container because it goes into the fridge once baked and cooled. I use the 11 cup Pyrex dish 4 x 3 x 14 inches. That said, you could also use a regular baking dish.
  3. Spray the inside of the container with Pam to prevent the keto breakfast from sticking to the pan. I have forgotten to do this a couple of times, and it wasn’t a big deal. But worth doing if you remember.
  4. Slice the avocados in half. Remove the stones. Use a sharp knife and slice into the avocado evenly to create half an inch square chunks. Use a spoon to extract the fragments. Don’t spend too much time trying to get exact half-inch pieces. Just as close as you can. Once you have the avocado chunks, place the avocado skin into the compost can.
  5. Grab the container that you will use to bake the laxy Keto breakfast and put it on your work counter. Spread the avocado pieces into the bottom of the dish.
  6. Finally, pour in the egg mixture and allow to sit for a few minutes.
  7. Once the oven temperature has reached 400, place the container onto the top rack of the oven.


Get ready for your first perfect Keto breakfast.

Determining if the breakfast is Ready? 

Again, baking time will vary depending on your oven. I tend to set an initial bake time of sixty minutes. From there, I continue to test every ten to fifteen minutes. 

To check if the dish is baked enough:

  1. Grab a clean tablespoon.
  2. Invert the spoon to place the curved side down and gently press into the egg dish.
  3. If you detect any liquid at all, put it back in the oven for at least another fifteen minutes. 
  4. Continue to place the spoon down until to dish feels solid with a bit of wobble if you gently shake it. 


Remove the dish from the oven and place it onto a countertop to cool. Once the container is cold, put it into the fridge and rest until the following day.

Final Steps for your perfect Keto breakfast

Take the dish out of the fridge. Grab a sharp knife and slice the bake into equal parts. As I have mentioned before, I divide mine into six servings. That said, I tend to have a large appetite, so I could imagine many folks might be able to get a few more from each container. 

Once divided by six, here is the summary of the breakdown of the calories, carbs, fats, proteins, and fiber for your lazy Keto breakfast. 

keto breakfast ingredients

Let’s take a look at Marcos. As you can see, this lazy Keto breakfast aligns with our daily goals with way less than ten percent carbs. I like to start ahead of my Net Carbs goal because they can easily sneak into other meals during the day. It gives you a head start. 

keto breakfast macros

Once you have eaten your first lazy Keto breakfast, I recommend cleaning your teeth thoroughly. Those chia seeds have a habit of getting stuck everywhere, and they will bug you all day if you let them! I have always liked eating this breakfast cold, but I’m sure some might want to reheat. 

Other Ideas to Experiment With 

In an earlier version of my lazy Keto breakfast, I used a lot of shredded cedar cheese. I liked both the taste and the texture that this provided. However, I never could get the percentages for my Marcros correct. I want to come back to that again. 

Another idea to explore again is to add some greens into the mix. Maybe some spinach or kale, or leafy greens. I think these would require cooking before you add them to the mix. 

At times I have included some sausage meat as well. The extra chicken tasted yummy, but I need to factor in the correct macros to get the ratios right.


quick keto breakfast

Summary of My Favorite Lazy Keto Breakfast

Here is a quick overview of my yummy and lazy Keto breakfast

  • Preparation time: 20 minutes 
  • Cook time: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Ingredients:
    • Eight eggs
    • Four ounces of butter
    • One and a half avocado 
    • Nine tablespoons of Flaxseeds
    • Eight tablespoons of Chia Seeds
    • Nine tablespoons of Sunflower Seeds
    • Three cups of Coconut creamer 
  • Tools:
    • Large mixing bowl
    • Cup and tablespoon measures
    • Whisk
    • Oven safe baking pan


I hope this has inspired you to try my lazy Keto breakfast. Feel free to let me know what modifications you make.