Musings on how to improve your health and fitness

If you have found this site by reading one of the many articles, welcome. As you most likely realized, the content on this site is focused on improving your health by improving your fitness. With a specific focus on the many products that can help your progress. There are many benefits of improving your health and fitness, ranging from a longer life to reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Regular physical activity also improves memory and brain function, helps lower blood pressure, improves heart health, and promotes a better quality of sleep. Physical activity also helps reduce the risk of accidental injuries. A stronger body means a lesser risk of falling or slipping, while improved muscle strength and flexibility prevent bone fractures. This has been a passion of mine over the last 10 years. In some cases, the content is written from actual experience. In other cases, from research and reading from humans that are much more knowledgeable than me.

My name is I’m Phil Holden, owner of this site. I first started this site to explore the intersection of technology and fitness. I’ve always been a bit of a geek, having worked in the technology industry since 1984. I’m continually adopting technology early and experimenting with the latest gadget. I found the ability to track and read data motivating, and it kick-started my entry into a healthy world. As my health and fitness journey has involved as I get older, so have my interests and, likewise, the content on this site. I broadened from just technology to any product or service that can help you with your goals of improving your health.  

When I started to focus on improving my health, I first started to run and then, a couple of years later, learned how to lift. That’s pretty much all I did for years.

Phil Holden

 These days I find the need to vary what I do. Some of that came from the COVID-19 lockdown and the desire to get outside into nature. We live in Seattle, Washington, and are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. These days my exercise routines include running stairs, rowing machine, walking, lifting, paddle boarding, battle ropes, stretching, and many other things. Varying your exercise routes is something that Dr. Kelly Starrett refers to as cross-training, and it has dramatically improved my overall fitness. My wife, Jacqui Miller is also a sports medicine personal trainer, and we spend a lot of time discussing and researching health and fitness. In many ways, she is my inspiration, and I feel incredibly lucky.