Heart Rate Zones and Cardiovascular Fitness

Heart Rate Zones

Heart Rate Zones help you improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your VO2 max. It is essential to know your maximum heart rate and target heart rate before beginning any cardiovascular fitness program. To get started, you will need to find your maximum heart rate, which can be easily done using a heart rate calculator.

What there is to know about your Resting Heart Rate

resting heart rate

Measuring your aerobic fitness level and health can be calculated by measuring your resting heart rate, often referred to as RHR. Measuring your resting heart rate or heartbeat is one of the most reliable and effective methods to measure your health.

Body Balance Exercises

body balance exercises

If you are interested in improving your balance, body balance exercises can help. These exercises are easy to learn, and can help improve your balance and posture.

Heart Rate Recovery

heart rate recovery

The Heart Rate Recovery after an Exercise is an important factor in your recovery from exercise. You need to rest your body for at least two minutes after exercising to achieve a full recovery. After this period, you should avoid any activity that increases your heart rate.

My Favorite Battle Rope Exercises

If you want to gain strength and explosive power using the battle ropes, try some of these exercises. Try Power slams, power slam variations with squat and tuck jumps, or the Outside circle. In each set, the person who hits the object in the middle finishes the set.