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Best Paddle Board Accessories

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Looking for some great paddle board accessories to make your paddling tour even better? In this guide I’ll show you some of the best must have accessories for stand up paddling.

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As a gear geek, it is not surprising to either my wife or me that I have invested a lot in paddle board accessories. I have tested quite a few and returned the many that didn’t stand up to the challenge. Here is my current list of favorite accessories for paddle boarding. They include:

  1. Oceanbroad carbon paddle
  2. My favorite gloves
  3. Low profile PFD
  4. Slim hybrid PFD
  5. Bungie deck system
  6. Low profile cooler for drinks and snacks
  7. Minimum deck bag
  8. Carrying strap
  9. Security solution
  10. Waterproof dry box
  11. Waterproof dry case

Must have Paddle Board Accessories

Although these are accessories, in my mind, you can’t go out onto the water without them. These are focused on performance, health, and safety. If you are visiting this site for the first time, it’s worth pointing out that I’m very much focused on improving your health with exercise. Also, although you can go out on a paddle board and ‘cruise,’ for me, the benefit of paddle boarding is that you make it a workout. A really fun workout. So this must-have list is with that in mind. 

Things like a personal flotation device—also known as a PFD—gives you more buoyancy to help you stay afloat in water. A PFD is an essential gear for every kayaker, canoer, and stand-up paddle boarder. Not optional at all. 

My favorite Paddle – Oceanbroad

Finding a paddle you like has to be a top priority, a must-have paddle board accessory. Well, I’m not sure it’s an accessory like I said, it’s more like a must-have. But I realize that many paddle boards come with a cheap paddle to get you started.  However, you will soon be ready to upgrade. I tried a couple of other paddles before I landed on the Oceanbroad adjustable three-piece carbon paddle. As a tall human, one of the factors in choosing this was the length; the other two I tried weren’t long enough. The paddle is adjustable from 67″ to 86,” and I often find I’m close to 85″ when using this.

Paddle Board Accessories

The three-piece carbon fiber shaft connects to a tough and durable nylon blade. The paddle floats in salt and fresh water, giving you peace of mind when you fall off your board. The nylon blade is 98 square inches with a curved and grooved design and drives you through the water. When using this, it feels super strong and highly stable. 

PaddleBoard Accessories

The paddle comes with a solid bag to store your blade or take on a plane for your next water-based holiday. Unfortunately, when I ordered mine, it arrived missing one of the screws for the water stopper. However, true to the company’s customer satisfaction claim, they shipped me a new one without question. The paddle blade comes in three colors when writing: Blue, black, and orange. So naturally, I choose orange, making this one of my favorite paddle board accessories. If you are looking to maximize the health benefits of standup paddling, you need a great paddle. 

FitsT4 Gloves

Next, I recommend getting some gloves after finding the paddle you love. My wife went out on her first two paddles and came back with blisters. Not fun at all.  I started using these gloves when I was kayaking, and I have found that they are also great for paddle boarding. These by Fitt4 have a half-finger design that prevents your hand from getting sore when padding for long periods. The padding on the palm provides additional protection. 

Accessories for paddle boarding

They fit your hand super snugly, so you feel connected to the paddle. They also have stretch for when you wrap your hand around the blade of the paddle. They also provide wrist support. My only complaint is that if your hand is wet when you take them off, removing them can take a lot of effort and a few minutes. They stick to your fingers. That said an excellent accessory for paddling on your board.

MTI Adventure PFD

It’s hard to think of a PFD as an accessory for a paddle board; more like something essential. I don’t understand paddle boarders that go out without a PDF. This PFD is the perfect low-profile, out-of-the-way PFD that doesn’t take up a lot of space. I think of this as the PDF I would use on our lakes around Seattle with maximum freedom while still being safe. 

accessories for paddle boarding

This PDF is coast guard certified and inflates via a CO2 cylinder armed by a clever inflation trigger. The pack hugs your body with an adjustable webbing strap. If you ever need to use this, open up the bag and pull out the top part of the PFD. Place over your head and tie the straps around you. Then inflate. Very simple to use. It’s especially great to take this out on a summer’s day wearing your swimming gear and know that you have this just in case. Maybe I’m changing my mind; perhaps this is one of my favorite and essential paddle board accessories.

Mustang Survival Khimera PFD

This Khimera PFD is a hybrid-style jacket. It has foam to keep you afloat. However, the foam is thin, making this jacket very slim fitting. As a result, there is ample floatation if you are in the water for short periods. However, the PFD can be inflated to provide extra buoyancy if you can’t get out of the water. 

accessories for water sports

This dual hybrid approach makes this a great addition to your gear. It’s small enough to stay out of the way, has no front zipper, easy to adjust with the side straps, has a pocket for gear and accessories, and is comfortable to wear all day. I wear this jacket when paddling in Puget Sound, our tidal waterway connecting Seattle to the Pacific Ocean. Last year I took a safety course on kayaking and spent a lot of time doing self-rescue in the Sound and can report that this keeps you afloat without being inflated. The extra protection to inflate if needed gives me some extra piece of mind. 

Deck Paddle Board Accessories

Depending on how much gear you have, how long you paddle for, and whether you want to carry food and drinks, your collection of deck storage bags may vary a lot. I personally like to have a solution for every occasion. This means my wife rolls her eyes at me when a new paddle accessory for the deck shows up. That said, after our first voyage with our new cooler, there were no complaints from the two picnics we had that day. These are essential accessories for some paddle board adventures and less for others. 

Bungee Deck Attachment

My current board is the Antidote Adventurer, and I named her U-Haul because of her capability to haul gear when I’m out on the water. She comes with a Bungie system for the front deck, but I wanted something for the back. 

PaddleBoard Accessories

I decided on the NSI Bungee It Deck Attachment and have been super happy with it. The Bungee Deck Attachment is a tie-down kit for an easy and fast way to attach items to your board. The “Bungee Deck “comes with 4 NSI bomber Rubber Plates with Spectra Loops that stick on the board. So far, from my usage, these plates have proven to be super strong. 

Paddle Board Accessories

Then the Bungee cord runs through the plates to give you that tie-down security. My Antidote board is a hard-sided paddle board. I have read that this system does not work with an inflatable board. Worth researching for sure before purchasing. The NSI brand is well-established in water sports, and I have used many of its accessory products. An excellent brand for paddle board accessories and all water sports in general.

A favorite paddle board accessories company

A call out to Sup-Now. Since I found this Sup-Now, they have been my go-to for paddle board accessories. They make quality accessories for paddle boarders that work and are reliable at reasonable prices. They also aim to preserve the environment; each time a product is purchased, they plant a tree. I’m not sure if they are still developing new products or not. Unfortunately, they haven’t blogged or done anything on social media for a long time. But their products are still on sale on Amazon. 

Low profile cooler

This cooler from Sup-Now is designed with a much lower profile to fit on your paddle board. This cooler is one of my favorite paddle board accessories because of the memories that it has created this summer. 

Paddle Board Accessories

At least one day each weekend during the summer, we would load this up with snacks and drinks and head out for a long paddle on Lake Union in Seattle. We would be out for two hours or more, calling in at several beaches or docks during the paddle to sit and enjoy the view while enjoying the picnic. We found all the hidden spots that are hard to find—just so much fun. In addition, we found places to purchase wine and meat sticks should we run out of supplies.    

PaddleBoard Accessories

The latest paddle board accessory is now gray, water-resistant material with excellent insulation to keep your stash cold. Like any deck bag, it has suction cups, clips, and rope to tie everything down. Note they do say that this cooler doesn’t work on inflatable boards. The dimensions are 15″ by 11″ by 4″, and it’s the perfect size for your paddle board. Additional details

  • Built specifically for paddleboards with its low profile design
  • The gray color helps keep the inside of the cooler at a lower temperature
  • Double Insulated inner walls keep everything cooler for longer
  • The PVC material is not only water resistant but is super durable
  • Fully adjustable rope clipping system

Paddle Board Accessories

An excellent paddle board accessory to check out. 

This minimum deck bag 

I have tried several deck bags and found that I like having multiple sizes depending on what I want to take out on the water. This bag is my accessory for a small minimum bag when I don’t have much to carry. Once again, this is a Sup-Now product. Like their other products, this only works with rigid fiberglass paddle boards, not inflatable ones. 

PaddleBoard Accessories

It comes with suction cups, Bungee cord, and clips. This bag is super well made, solid, secure, and a great accessory on your paddle board. They also give you a waterproof phone case. However, most phones are waterproof these days, and to me, that offers limited value. The bag is 12″ x 14″ and weighs 8.5 ounces. This bag is not waterproof, so be warned. That said a strong product for my favorite paddle board accessories list. 

Transportation, Storage, and Security Accessories for Paddle Boards

This is an accessory section I need to build out further by adding roof rack systems learning, straps, and paddle board storage solutions. For the moment, I’ll start out with paddle board accessories for personal transportation and security. 

Paddle Board Carrying Strap

We live about fifteen minutes walk north of Lake Union in Seattle, and with this strap, we can walk our paddleboards from our home to the water. It’s a handy paddle accessory when you don’t want to deal with the car and find parking. Undoubtedly, one of those fantastic paddle board accessories I had no idea was around.  Even with our rigid fiberglass paddle boards, which tend to weigh more than the inflatable ones, we had no problem walking things down to the water. 

Paddle Board Accessories

It has 100% metal hardware and no plastic pieces that break easily. The shoulder pad is supper thick and padded, made of neoprene. Even with it on our shoulders for fifteen minutes, it’s super comfortable. The straps have spots where you can attach the paddle, and there is even a carrier for a water bottle. 

paddleboard accessories

It takes a bit to figure out the straps, but once you do that, you don’t have to adjust them. If you have two different-sized boards, make sure you don’t get the straps swapped; otherwise, you are back to the beginning and have to adjust them again. This strap is another excellent paddleboard accessory from Sup-Now

DocksLocks Security Solutions

Most of us care about securing our paddle boards from thieves. One of the perfect paddle board accessories is this security solution. This solution requires three products to make it work—all affordable.  

  1. The first is the box cleat that attaches to your board. 
  2. The second is the lock that grips the cleat box. 
  3. Lastly, there is the cable that prevents the board from being stolen.

Let’s look into this and why these three products make great paddle board accessories to keep your boards secure.

First, you need a cleat box that locks into a surfboard or paddle board’s fin box using a one-way tensioner screw, providing optimal security. This solution is permanently attached to the paddle board and stays on your paddle board while out on the water. 

Paddle Board Security Solution

Second, you will need the lock. Introducing the DocksLocks Jaws SUP Paddleboard lock. The Jaws slot into the cleat box. We have two sets in our garage just in case someone breaks in. We also have two more stored in a dry bag for when we are on the water. If we want to take a break and go to a cafe, we can lock the boards up. 

Paddle Board Security Solution

Lastly, we have the cable. Again we like the DocksLocks one as it wraps up super small and has a combination code rather than a key that I’m sure we would lose. The cable also lives in the dry bag when we are out paddling. 

Paddle Board Security Solution

These all make for a great set of paddle board accessories; you also buy them as a bundle to save cash. 

Dry Bags and Boxes Paddingboard Accessories 

Waterproof Dry Box

This little cylindrical box by Scuba Choice is an excellent accessory for your paddleboard or any other water sport to keep your keys dry. If you have a car built in the last twenty years or so, you most likely have a chunky keyfob that won’t work if it takes a dip into the water. The box is the perfect solution to keep your keys safe. 

accessories for paddle boards

Although the manufacturer claims it’s a good solution for mobile phones too, based on the size of mobile phones today, I find that hard to believe. But for keys and other smaller items, it works great. It is another example of a practical and one of my favorite paddle board accessories. 

Waterproof Dry Case

As far as paddle board accessories, this is another example of something convenient. Again, I use this alongside the box above. I use this for my driver’s license, credit card, cash, lip balm, tissue, and back during the lockdown for my mask. It’s completely watertight and hard to protect the contents. Witz makes this one. 

accessories for paddle boarding

One tip for this and any waterproof case or dry bag. Before putting your valuables in and heading out onto the water, it’s best to test them. Place a tissue inside the case, seal it, and then place it into a water-filled bucket or sink. Hold it down, so it is submerged, and hold it for a minute. Check the tissue to make sure it’s dry. 

I will add more accessory tips as I get more time.